Fees & Charges

1 SMS/Mobile Banking
  Details Registration Charge Renewal Charge Pin Reset Charge
  For Staff 0/- 0- 0/-
  SMS Banking 200/- 200/- 50/-
  SMS Banking(Premium) 200/- 200/- 50/-
  Mobile Banking 200/- 200/- 50/-
  Mobile Banking(Supreme)-Close trf 200/- 200/- 50/-
  Mobile Banking(Premium) 200/- 200/- 50/-
  SMS to Mobile (*)
only for those who registered first SMS and then swith to mobile banking
200/- 200/- 50/-(*)
  Free Mahalaxmi Bachat Khata 200/- 200/- 50/-(*)
2 Draft Issuance
  Details Charges    
  For NPR Demand Draft  Minimum Rs 200 or 0.10%    
  For INR Demand Draft  Minimum Rs 250 or 0.10% for A/C holders and Minimum Rs, 300 or 0.10% for Non A/C holders    
  For FCY Demand Draft Minimum Rs 300 or 0.25%    
    1% charges on Educational purpose Demand Drafts    
3 Safe Deposit Locker(SDL)
  Details (Type) Security Deposit Annual Charge  
  Small 'A'  Rs 10,000/- Rs 1,500/-  
  Medium 'B' Rs 15,000/- Rs 2,500/-  
  Medium'C' Rs 20,000/- Rs 3,500/-  
  Large 'D' Rs 25,000/- Rs 4,500/-  
  For lost of Locker Key Rs 8,500/-
  Locker Closure Rs 500/-(Within 1 year) 
    Free (After 1 year)
4 Debit Card
  Details Charges    
  Issuance Charge Rs 350/-     
  Renewal Charge Rs 350/-     
  Supplementary Card issuance or Renewal Rs 350/-  ( except Staff)  
  Re-Pin Charge(PIN Lost) Rs 75/- ( except Staff)  
  Re-issuance charge (Card Lost) Rs 350/-  ( except Staff)  
  Transaction Charge As per the VISA policy    
  Block Charge Free    
  Card Destroy Charge(if not collected within 6 months) Rs 250/-     
  Re-issuance of E-banking New Pin in case of Lost  Rs 25/-    
  Card Closed Charge Rs 250/-    
5 Amount Transfer 
  Details Charge    
  ABBS Free    
   Through Remittance As per the policy of the Remit Company    
6 Clearing Cheque Processing Charge (ECC charges)
  Details Charges (per Cheque)    
  Clearing Cheque processing charge for amount or equivalent to amount below NPR 2 lakhs Free    
  Clearing Cheque processing charge for amount above NPR 2 lakhs Rs 30/-    
  Express Clearing Charge Rs 100/-    
  Returned Cheque( If charge taken by NCHL) Rs 100/-    
  Return of Inward Cheque(In case of Balance unavailable) Rs 100/-    
  IPS Charge AS per NCHL Rule    
7 Cheque Book
  Details Charges    
  Issuance of Cheque book without submitting cheque requisition slip(lost) Rs 200/-(10 pcs only)    
  Issuance of cheque( In case of Old cheque not brought ) Rs 100/-( per pcs)    
  Uncollected cheque book destruction charge( after 3 months) Rs 200/-( per cheque book)    
8 Account Statement
  Details Charges    
  Statement Issuance Free for one time    
    Rs 25. per page( For more than one statement printed of the same period)    
9 DR/CR advice and Record retrieval
  Details Charges    
  Within 6 months of transaction Free    
  Over 6 months to 2 years Rs 100/-    
  After 2 years Rs 300/-    
10 Cheque purchase
  Details Charges    
  Local Clearing Cheque 0.5% of Min. Rs 500 for 7 days    
  Outstation Cheques within Nepal  0.75% or Min. Rs 1000 plus communication charges( casual overdraft interest from 16th day onward)    
  Returned Instrument( Purchased Cheque) Principal plus casual overdraft interest from the date of purchase    
11 Transfer  Min. Rs 100/-    
12 Deposit of FCY As per the NRB policy    
13 Cash Transaction of FCY Free    
14 Account Closure Charge Free    
15 Fixed Deposit Rs 200/-( In case of lost FD receipt )    
16 Stop Payment Rs 250/- per instruction( plus communication charges) for same issuing branch    
17 Stop payment or cancellation of Cheque per request (Cheque Range) Stop Payment of Demand Draft Rs 300/-per instruction( Plus communication charges) for other branches    
18 Good for Payment Rs 500/- per cheque ( upto 1 lakhs) and above that Rs 1000/-( per cheque)    
19 Issuance of Balance Certificate Rs 500/-per certificate ( Free for institution for audit purpose)