Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank Ltd. was formed after the synergic union between Yeti Development Bank Ltd. & Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank Ltd. on 18th Asadh 2074(02 July 2017). Mahalaxmi Bikash Bank ltd. is the first development bank to achieve the capital obligation which was raised by Nepal Rastra Bank. With the paid up capital of Rs. 2.63 billion the bank has become the largest development bank of Nepal in terms of capital, balance-sheet size, customer base and Branch Network

The Bank has 69 branches, 1 extension counter and 35 ATMs across Nepal with a network covering all major financial centers of the country. The Bank strongly believes in Innovation, Improvement, Corporate Governance & Culture. These core values are internalized by all functions within the Bank and are reflected in all actions the Bank takes during the course of its business.